The Perfect Wedding Cinematography

In this world, nothing’s perfect but we strive to make things as great as possible. Wedding videos are one of those things that we want to be perfect. After all, most people only get married once and videos of the occasion capture this wonderful moment in their lives so that they will always be able to look back to their wedding day with fondness.

But how does one ensure a perfect wedding cinematography? There are many factors that could affect the outcome, which is why planning ahead and ensuring you leave this job in the hands of an expert is the best thing you can do.

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A wedding cinematography tells your love story. It’s a creative type of film making that only the most experienced wedding video makers can do. Unlike videography that simply shoots the wedding from start to end, cinematography is more creative in the sense that it aims to make the viewer understand your story, from the time you met and fell in love to when you walk down the aisle and say your “I Do’s.”

For something as important as cinematography, you simply cannot leave anything to chance. You have to choose your cinematographer carefully. You first have to inquire about their experience and expertise, check out samples of their works, discuss how you want your love story to be told, and so on.

A good wedding cinematographer moves around and shoots certain angles instead of shooting the entire event. They know which shots to include in the “wedding movie” that will make it interesting and captivating.

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The right wedding cinematographer also has the right tools and equipment used to make movies such as HD video cams, camera jibs, stabilization tools, lighting, wireless audio equipment and so on. They also have the proper training to ensure that they can create your film in the way that you want.

So, make an appointment with several wedding cinematographers and tell them what you want. Ask how they plan on making your wedding film, should you decide to choose them. Only if you feel absolutely confident about their skills and abilities should you consider hiring them. Then and only then can you really expect your wedding film to be perfect.

Choosing a Wedding Videography Expert

A wedding video captures the magic of your wedding. But such is only possible if you choose the right wedding videography expert. Sure, you can let your cousin (who owns a video camera) cover your big day but why would you want to scrimp on money for something as important as your wedding video?

If you want to have a great memento of your special day, you have to choose a professional videographer who is highly experienced in shooting weddings. That may mean spending a bit of money for their services, but it’s money well spent. Besides, how often do you get married in your lifetime, anyway?

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Here are some tips to help you in choosing a wedding videography service:

1. Set a budget. But before you set your budget, you should know how much you’re likely going to spend for such services. A basic service will cost roughly RM1,000 but the cost could easily double or triple depending on what kind of coverage you want and who you hire.

2. Once you’ve decided on your budget, make a short list of wedding videographers. You can search the Web for wedding videography companies that meet your budget requirements. You have to carefully choose your shortlisted candidates based on their experience, previous works, the equipment they use, costs and so on.

3. Schedule an appointment with the videographers you’re interested of hiring. When it comes to wedding videography, you have plenty of options to choose from but not all of them are worth it. Pick a candidate who is willing to meet up with you to discuss your requirements even if you have not hired them yet. Ask them about their ideas, how they plan to go about creating your wedding video, etc. From your list of videographers, choose one who is proficient in making wedding videos and one whom you’re comfortable working with. Keep in mind that they are the ones who will shoot your wedding video and it’s difficult working with someone you don’t feel comfortable with.

Once you have made your decision, tell your videographer exactly what you want. A key component to the success of any wedding video is communication. You, as the bride / groom, should tell your videographer your own ideas, concepts and suggestions. That way, the outcome of your wedding video will be to your liking.